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The Italians learned it the hard way and too late that the law does not always work the same way in India. It works in a sneaky speedy way if you are an Italian and not Sonia Gandhi and the usual ‘get no where’ way if you are a true patriotic Indian.
The recent events in the India Ocean on the western coastline of India infested by Somali pirates show that everyone from the pope to the Prime ministers can get caught up in the political net of Indian hypocrisy and the double standards of its people and politicians.
A bizarre incident which took place off the coast of Kerala, fondly called the Gods Own Country in which two Indian fishermen were somehow mistaken for pirates and shot dead by Italian guards of Enrica Lexie  has quietly flared up in to a sensitive geopolitical saga, resulting in imprisonment of the Italian guards in a Kerala jail and anti Indian demonstrations in Rome by the far right.
Accusations have been made by the church, political parties in both countries especially the “last” communists of Kerala which have lead up to several visits of Italian ministers to India, direct communication between the Prime ministers Monti of Italy and Singh of India, diplomats of the European union and the even the UN to resolve the issue.
"Any Indian position that is not fully in line with international law risks creating a dangerous precedent regarding international peace missions and the fight against piracy," Monti told Singh in the phone call, according to a statement from the Italian premier's office.
The main reason for all of this is the sensitive coalition politics of India for which Italy could have been the role model judging from its own history and the imminent regional elections which were due when the incident happened, giving politicians an issue to capitalize on and very little elbow room to act sensibly and equitably to dissolve the issue.

Since the story began to unravel, another unfortunate incident in which a fishing boat was hit and sunk by an Indian ship, killing 6 fishermen have cased panic and raised the temper among the fishing community of Kerala.

However, this time the ship involved flies an Indian flag and its crew has behaved in the  shameful and underhanded way only the Indians can be expected to behave;  by switching off lights and fleeing the site without stopping for any rescue of their own countrymen or informing the authorities.

The local government and the politicians who are in no hurry to resolve the Italian issue until after a very sensitive local election due on the 17th of March are in even less of a hurry to bring the Indian ship Prabhu Daya and its crew and owners to book.

If you are in a sea going vessel and near the Indian coast, keep your curtains down and be ready to change course even if you will run in to some Somalian pirates, which is a safer option.

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