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There is at least one head of a political party in India who demand that aspiring candidates for party seats during elections approach her with their Vedic horoscopes in hand. Only the ones with the best disposition of the stars and a winning streak are selected. This is a leader who believes that she herself is destined to become the Prime Minister of India.

Such is the trust in Vedic Astrology in the 21st century India  where the system is said to have originated and where even a mission to Mars is undertaken only after ensuring heavenly blessings.

It is likely that, despite opposition of different kinds and various degrees within his party, Narendra Modi, a Guajarati by birth and an outsider to the Hindi speaking heartland of the BJP, has really won the nomination based on his Vedic chart, which the BJP leaders rooted in Hindutwa must have realised is their best ticket for power in Delhi.

It is because, going by the principles of Vedic Astrology, once the esoteric knowledge of an elite group of seers, the Vedic Horoscope of Narendra Modi stand out as a certificate for its veracity and authenticity.

That is, assuming some party genius didn’t conceive and cast it to suit a Prime Ministerial candidate in the first place  and simply claimed that it belongs to Narendra Modi.

At least there is one version in circulation claims to be significantly different merely by claiming a different birth time to suit the interpreters arguments of Modi’s glory nevertheless.

The internet is replete with various analysis of Modi’s horoscope as well as those of many other famous and upcoming politicians and celebrities, with several videos on You Tube dissecting his chances of becoming the next Prime Minister of India.

Despite the highly placed bet of the party hierarchy and predictions by Jyotthis Pundits if Modi will be denied the position when the electoral results will be out, there will be abundance explanations for that too in the dasa system of Vedic Astrology. 

In reality what could give any credence to the Vedic system is the logical explanation it tends to  give in understanding Narendra Modi as an Individual and for  the course and events in his life. There are indeed amazing indications, good enough to reasonably describe his personality without connecting the horoscope to him.

Most Vedic Astrology Pundits agree on the presence of a star combination in  the Vedic horoscope of Narendra Modi called  Gaja Kesari Yogam, a combination of Moon and Jupiter which has become well known as it has been frequently associated in the past with several  celebrities and popular politicians. However this Yogam doesn’t guarantee benign and  dignified character.

One other controversial combination in the horoscope of Narendra Modi is the Chandra Mangala Yogam, which gives one maniac determination, dubious wealth and a disregard for others which many people can associate with everything about Narendra Modi, including his recent disregard of model code of conduct.

These traits are said to be accentuated by the fact that the Moon in his horoscope occupies the worst and debilitated position in Scorpio, where he has his ascendant.

Whether Chandra Mangala yoga is responsible for Modi’s behaviour or not, the presence of Mars along with his ascendant in its own house of Scorpio indicates his inexplicable marriage where he is married with a wife with whom he has never lived together! Any astrologer will tell you the nasty consequences of Mars on your marital life.

The position of Saturn in its own house of Leo and in the tenth Rasi is said to give Narendra Modi his raison de etre, a religion , a blind attachment forsaking a wife throughout his life.

In fact the Vedic Horosope of Narendra Modi is full of such combination even a sceptical investigator in to the veracity of Vedic Astrology will get somehow convinced in its reliability.

But even Raavan, perhaps the most wicked, wily and powerful  character of the Indian Mythology was supposed to have a very auspicious Vedic Horoscope!

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