paybookclub, a social network which admits only real and responsible people

There is a war on terror we all know about which shows no sign of abetting, leave alone ending any time soon, not even in a few generations to come!

Not many people are aware of a war Facebook  is secretly fighting, a war on Fake Profiles. Officially Facebook has over 1.5 billion members who have signed up. However Facebook had to routinely hunt out millions of fake accounts being created  by unscrupulous people, profiting from a demand for fake fans and likes, using clever software and bots.

It is not a menace just Facebook is facing. In fact it affects Twitter too. Twitter had to weed out thousands of fake accounts in their struggle for keeping the network clean.

Now that the US Presidential election is only months away, even politicians are resorting to using fake accounts on social media to influence the electorate, despite close scrutiny by the press and other activists.

It has become clear that just depending on human decency and honesty along with a set of e mail address, password and ip address is no more  enough to ensure that the signed up member is real and the person he or she claims to be.

Combating this problem is not easy. However there are signs that a verification of government issued ID documentation is the only way to ensure a person’s true identity  is becoming more clear to the big corporations, despite their stated  policies on personal data.

For example Facebook will ask you to provide a copy of your ID document for simple log in deviation such as the location or a different country you try to login from, especially if it is one of the more suspicious locations for spurious activities such as India. will ask you for not only ID proof like copy of your passport but also proof of your residential address, much like a bank requires for opening an account, for opening a developer account with them.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology like good quality photography on mobile phones, any one starting a new Social Network venture like  can take these precautions right at the beginning, without putting the user to undue stress.

For example registration has a few simple steps like taking your selfie, taking a scan or photo of your ID proof and entering the ID number along with a few personal details to ensure that you are a real person who joins the network and not a piece of software or bot which can create an account in Facebook.

If you are worried about parting with your personal data on line, just think of how many places you have handed over these documents to be scanned and stored in some computer for some purpose.

Do you know what happens to your scanned personal data or how it is protected? In fact protects your data in a variety of ways you will be happy to understand if only you were keen to learn. The bottom line is, when you sign up for you can be sure that you are in a network of real people who their government says are real.

Paybookclub, the new goldmine for content hungry SEO managers

If the SEO folk has learned any lesson from Google’s Panda and Penguin, it is that content can no more be reused or farmed. Google will only have it fresh, natural and unique.  The new valuation norms set in place by Google a couple of years ago must have driven many  SEO managers nuts and hunting for fresh content to fill their web pages.

paybookclub, the new social book app for mobiles aims to solve this problem for SEO professionals and other content consumers by providing them with genuine content as it is being generated, like hot cakes coming out of a baker’s oven.

In fact what paybookclub, a new social book on mobiles, offers to the content marketplace is a goldmine of fresh and unending content in almost all forms of media like images, video, news reports, music, telecasts and podcasts, games, reviews, blogs,.....

How is paybookclub able to be such an unending source of fresh content?

To begin with, paybookclub is an App for your mobiles. You need to download it from Google Play/ App store depending on whether your phone runs on Android or iOS operating system.  Once installed , you and your phone becomes part of a social network that runs on mobile phones and
Tablets, allowing you to enjoy doing pretty much everything you can do on Facebook (TM)and much more.

The difference is, while you lose ownership of everything you upload on Facebook (TM) or other social media platforms like Twitter (TM) without getting a penny, paybookclub will pay you in cash for your status updates, likes, shares and comments, protecting your content within the paybookclub app in encrypted formats until someone is ready to pay for it.

That means, as far as Google is concerned, the content within paybookclub is like fresh fruits and vegetables stored in the chillers of a supermarket, not visible to Google’s robots anyone prowling the web looking for content , until someone pays for them to be published on the net.

The content one uploads on paybookclub app, however will be visible and accessible to other members of the paybookclub social network, allowing a process of natural curation and value discovery, even letting it go viral  and attractive to buyers.

How can the SEO folk or anyone else get hold of the fresh content amassed by paybookclub? paybookclub actually provides several ways. For example, you can search for content based on keywords  and purchase what you like. If you have a web page, paybookclub will pipe appropriate fresh content on intervals you set or stream live content.

If you are an SEO manager or anyone else searching for fresh content, you can register at paybookclub website stating your requirement, types of content , monthly budget etc. Hopefully, paybookclub will soon be able to provide you with an unending stream of fresh content to enhance the Google ranking of your web pages.

The new book on the web which pays cash for your likes, comments and status posts

If you are one of the billion people lured in to insanely spending your life on social media, incessantly  creating and donating  valuable content for the corporations to make all the money, you can relax!

Here is paybookclub, a little App for your mobile, which will pay hard cash for your status posts as well as the likes and comments you give away to unknown people!

It is unlikely that when many of the big “books” on the internet were conceived, anyone knew what they were supposed to do and who exactly they were supposed to serve. Only one thing was evident. They were all ventures to make money for their owners. Hardly any of the websites, several of which have grown to mammoth corporations, bothered to monetarily reward its subscribers for their contribution or the time they spend and efforts to create content.

paybookclub appears to be different. It looks to be serious about recognising the time and effort its
members contribute while socialising through the App and rewarding them handsomely by enhancing the value to their creative contribution and monetising it to benefit the members.

What is more, paybookclub which is free to join and remain as a member, will let you have the fun of building your friends network of real and genuine people whose identity is diligently verified so that you can be sure about the existence, gender and age of the person you are befriending on paybookclub.

In  fact, though paybookclub presents itself as a nifty App for your mobile and tablet which carries a SIM card, it is in fact a full blown social media platform which creates value for the content posted by the members.

To start with, once you are registered with paybookclub through a rather lengthy process, you can set up your public profile and start building your network by inviting your friends. If you have none, paybookclub will build it for you through a sophisticated profile matching process.

You can post your status as private which will be shown only to your friends and groups you select or as public in which case it will shown and offered  to the wider community of paybookclub.

Apart from your photos and video, paybookclub allows you to post and array of content types from your Artwork to your Tutorials, all of which will be offered for purchase by other members or external customers through different monetisation channels, when they are posted or upgraded as public posts.

To encourage a natural process of curation and value discovery of the posted content, the members  re reward for every like, comment they make on status posts they chose. The members are rewarded for their content which gets approved by the curation process by a patent value enhancing process.

paybookclub will offer you all they fun you can get on the web like chat, tweet and direct call to your friends and interact with them without having to log on to different sites, getting paid all the while and even a loyalty bonus depending on how long you use the services.

Like all for good things in life, there  is a hitch. You need to reveal your real identity and produce an ID like your passport or driving licence during the paybookclub registration process, information any bank will ask if money is to be credited to your account. 

Guy Fawkes and the Headless Horseman of Wombourne

Once again Guy Fawkes Night is here. For most people in England,  it is an occasion for bonfire, fireworks and a bit of partying laced with patriotism and love for the monarchy and religion.

Holbeache House near Kingswinford in the
West Midlands where the Gun Powder conspirators
 holed up and fought is a private care home now.
Though Guy Fawkes is not unique to be stamped as a  conspirator and challenger of authority and tortured to death, perhaps is the only traitor in history whose death has been celebrated over four hundred years.

Surprisingly it was made compulsory by a royal decree the real intent of which was to remind everyone to celebrate the escape from death of a king.

It is merely the irony of life that Guy Fawkes the traitor, not the King James I who ordered his death and the yearly remembrance, is remembered every year in an ambiance of mirth and joy long after the  King is dead and gone!

It is also paradoxical that, Guy Fawkes was only an ammunition expert and foot soldier who joined the elite group of 12 other conspirators who were the main culprits who are all long since forgotten along with the king himself.

Perhaps, in a future world when human intelligence gains control over the futility of religious fervour, Guy Fawkes may be honoured for what he was, a soldier who stood for his convictions and a man of character who wouldn’t give up on his colleagues even under torture. Till then everything about him and his group’s saga will remain not good heritage material to be remembered or protected.

However, for the local folks of West midlands, where a lot of it happened, the gun powder plot has a lot of local stories to talk about and pass on to the next generation.

For the village of Wombourne, which is as old as the times of Guy Fawkes, the bogey of the Headless Horseman, still talked about around the tables of the local pubs, is what keeps the life and death of Guy Fawkes in memory.

If you just moved in to Wombourne, this scary story of recent sightings  of a headless horseman on the Bridgenorth Road which passes by it,  is likely to give you second thoughts on your choice of your location. If you are not bothered about ghosts, it might just whet your curiosity to delve in to past of this lovely medieval village in the West Midlands.

Josephine Jasper has dug out the story for the readers of Dudley Bugle and the story goes like this.

During the last century, Rhymer Greenshill, that wandering minstrel of the 19th Century, delved pretty deeply into most local legends, and his ballad, "The Ghost Riders" offers an explanation for the spooky happenings in the Wood, which hugs the left hand side of Bridgenorth Road as it leaves Himley Village.

A couple of miles away in the Kingswinford direction, lies Holbeache House, the scene of the last skirmish between the fellow-conspirators of Guy Fawkes and the forces of  the Sheriff of Worcester.
Stephen Lyttleton, kin to the Lords of Hagley, rode hotfoot to his house at Holbeache after the plot misfired and Guy Fawkes had been captured. With him rode Sir Everard Digby, Catesby and the Winter brothers John and Robert. With a retinue of servants and a wagonload of gun-powder, they crossed the Stour, determined to put up a last stand at Holbeache.

Well-armed and provisioned to withstand a lengthy seige, they must have felt pretty secure, that is, until they discovered that their gun-powder had become wet during the fording of the Stour. Amidst the gunfire and the plunging of the panic-stricken horses, the servants used furniture from the room to build a roaring fire, around which they placed the casks of damp powder. A spark from the fire ignited the gunpowder and a tremendous explosion took place, blowing the roof off the building and killing half-a-dozen of the occupants.
Stephen Littleton and Robert Winter mounted up and managed to escape in the confusion, and were swallowed up in the dense woodland of Pensnett Chase. Lyttleton's young groom, who fought alongside his master in Holbeache House, wounded severly above the throat, managed to climb aboard one of the terror stricken horses and dash through the fire, smoke and the cordon of men-at-arms, and reach the woods, but whereas his master had raced away in the Pensnett Direction and higher ground, young Grove headed for Wombourne and into a section of fenland a mile or so from the house. He was caught there and brutally murdered by the men-at-arms.
We have ample evidence that Rhymer Greenshill based his ballads on actual happenings, and there is justification for believing that Gideon Grove died in this manner. Furthermore, there is no doubt about the Wombourne legend of the "Phantom Horseman" who has repeatedly been sighted within the last decade is none other than the Ghost of Gideon Grove!

If you wonder what the Headless Horseman would see if he were to take a ride from Holbeach house, which is a private care home now, to Wombourne along the Brigenorth Road, jump in!

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