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It used to be called fusion,  very often concocted in confused minds, mostly an experience of frustration to those who enjoyed traditional Indian music.

With a new generation of dedicated and serious musicians who seem to understand what they are playing and work very very hard to perfect their skills, suddenly Indian music is being liberated from their traditional limitations and scaling new heights.

There are several palpable facets to this new, invigorating upheaval in the Indian musical entertainment, being brought about by our youngsters through their ventures with exotic names like Music Mojo, Kappa TV,  Acoustika, Music Bowl Rosebowl and bands like Staccato, Bennet’s Band etc.

First and foremost is the liberation of the musical soul of the artist itself. A talented musician can now experience that joy of his own god given talent, which was confined to the bathroom and extremely private moments, in much more accepting, forgiving and friendly environment.

From the nerve wracking and competitive performances in schools and colleges, through the highly pressurized competitions on TV and similar platforms  to the  demanding recording rooms of established directors, the journey of a musician, in his quest for getting recognition and fame  is indeed gruelling.

For many, time and opportunity to musically express himself or herself, without the demand of external factors  and find that tranquillity and elation only music can give to its producer is indeed scarce.

All  that has changed for  some of India’s young artists. A combination of affluence allowing acquisition of expensive western instruments, education and training to understand their capabilities and use them combined with talent and hard work are opening new horizons for today’s young artists.

Sophisticated recording studios with acoustic perfection have sprung up in many cities, opening up new venues and changing the game of producing music and performing altogether. Technology and electronics have pushed the limits of producing music to new realms of creativity.

All of these have been long since available to their counterparts in the developed world. In addition, they had enjoyed an ecosystem of a thriving music industry with its studios and production facilities which rewarded talent  handsomely which is not the case India’s young artists.

What they have is a lot of enthusiasm and the abundance of a rich tradition of classical music which has evolved through millennia to experiment with their new found instruments  and devices producing unheard strains of, string, wind and percussion music.

Sophisticated recording and video facilities have brought new dimensions to the Indian young talent are now able to experiment with.

For example, they are able to create exotic ambience in addition to the unseen acoustic perfection to the environment they perform. Powerful cameras can now soak up, in addition to the ambience, a performer's facial expression, body language and gestures and the joy of producing whatever music he or she is performing and etch all of that into the  audible stream, creating an altogether new kind of Indian music experience.
The performers are no more limited by the horrible noisy and windy acoustic ambience of Indian halls and theatres and makeshift stages all of which render their talent pretty useless in generating sublime musical experience.

Our brave youngsters are doing wonderfully well as can be heard  and seen from several videos now available on the social media. Some of their creations are amazingly wonderful and take you to new ways and feelings while enjoying their music  because of the close up shots, light effects and editing.

Many experiment with rich creations of masters of the arts which have hugely enchanted a couple of generations and render them in their own style and ways. These somehow give you a way to compare the new experience  and marvel at the new quality and heights to which familiar music has been raised by these youngsters.

A performer’s facial expression, eyes and mood add to the meaning of the lyrics, the melody and strains of the instruments so much so that it is sometimes difficult to discern if a singer's beauty is enhanced by the piece he or she is performing or it is the other way around.

Either way, new generation Indian  performers are definitely taking Indian music to new lofty heights.

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  1. Sophisticated recording and video facilities have brought new dimensions to the Indian young talent are now able to experiment with.


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