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  Courtsy:Inferno by Dan Brown

If Dante would be alive today and visited India, he would have added a tenth circle of inferno (hell) in his famous poem, Divine Comedy, and assigned it to Sycophancy on the Social Web. He wouldn't have to resort to allegory, it is all over Facebook, Twitter and comment boxes on blogs, for everyone to see. It is even orchestrated, promoted and practised using black hat SEO methods by a dedicated brigade.

If Dante would have been in any doubt, it would only be about its relative place among others he has seen in the Inferno.
· First Circle (Limbo)· Second Circle (Lust)· Third Circle (Gluttony)· Fourth Circle (Greed)· Fifth Circle (Anger)· Sixth Circle (Heresy)· Seventh Circle (Violence)· Eighth Circle (Fraud)· Ninth Circle (Treachery)

Unashamed flattery of the type seen in recent political pseudo appointments might not have surprised him as he has already seen worse things and assigned a pit (bolgia) for such sinners in the eighth circle.

Bolgia 2: Flatterers also exploited other people, this time using language. They are steeped in human excrement, which represents the words they produced. Alessio Interminei of Lucca and Thaïs are seen here.
Sycophancy is defined as the overly fawning behaviour of a suck-up. A sycophant is a person who attempts to win favour at the cost of his own pride, principles, and peer respect.

Prince Hamlet points to the sky and asks Polonius if the cloud above has the shape of a camel and Polonius agrees. Hamlet then changes his mind and says the cloud looks like a weasel and Polonius agrees. Hamlet once more changes his mind and opines that it looks like a whale and Polonius once again affirms the view. (Shakespeare)

To some extent, it can even be said to be a genuine human weakness we are all guilty of. After all is there anyone, who, from time to time have not indulged in it with a girl friend, spouse or even friends?

But what would have shocked Dante is the type of sucking up on the social web and such sucking opportunities are being sold to suckers for Rs 5 per head under the name of charity.

Dante would have been certainly shocked by the new fad of thoughtless hero worship in India's IT hubs, universities and urban hang outs where the youth of the country are subjected to and fall victim for modern propaganda.

Dante would have been surprised at the idiots, despite having a degree or two can't apply the least bit of logic or discerning to what they are told by the media, politicians and the rest of the carpet baggers.

Dante would certainly be at a loss to understand the malice, shameful allegations and allegories and use of foul language these apparently educated guys and girls use to deride various people rightly or wrongly engaged in national politics and nation building.

Dante would have himself wondered what the Indian PM is doing taking such insult by the country's youth instead of enjoying the position and status of the President of the World Bank or why the Chairperson of the UPA is not enjoying a quiet life on an Italian island instead of braving the Indian summer tormented by a serious ailment while India's youth won't stop for a moment to ponder.

Dante would have been certainly disappointed by the Indian education system which has failed to instil any sense of history or moral values in the youth and why the youth simply ape the US.

Dante would be at a loss to grasp why the Indian youth somehow mistake the life and success of Barack Obama on the social web can simply be imported, without understanding the American history and his position as an underling, his personality and his oratory skill, and the high education of the American public to understand his views and intentions, all of which contributed to his success.

It is quite imaginable that though Date would have been outraged at the blatant sycophancy of the Indian youth, ready to buy soaping opportunities for Five Rupee notes, and incessantly carry on with their foul and obnoxious tirade on the leaders and anyone expressing a different or independent view, he might have given up on his idea of adding another circle to the hell for this pathetic lot.

Instead Dante would have sent them to a pit which bears an inscription, "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate", or "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." , originally meant for the Gate to the Hell.

P.S. - An expected comment on this post:

" Dude, this guy Dante Sounds Italian. Surely he must have been sent here by the Italian Madam."
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