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Has Obama got a secret weapon for the Chinese?

There had been recent reports of Facebook loosing a bit of its sheen.

CNN reported on recent signs of 'Facebook Fatigue' and another interesting story about it being ripe for some imminent disaster. There were also reports about alternative and upcoming social media sites like Tumblr which could soon replace Facebook.

Despite the recent drop out of about six million Facebook users in the US, I guess all this talk of Facebook’s loss of face has to do with its valuation of over a hundred billion dollars, based on a membership of over six hundred million users.

The reality is, with the world population approaching seven billion by 2011, the tsunami of Facebook is only in the making!

At the heart of its powerful social impact on the world, which can only be likened to a tsunami, are factors which the inventors of this social media site wouldn’t have been even aware.

Is it a Titantic moment for Canada?

The problem with Canada is that it didn't have an icon, at least until the Vancouver Riots happened.

Despite its stature as one of the elite G7 group of wealthy and developed nations, its wonderful people, its vast area of beautiful land with huge resources and many other enviable attributes, Canada is still young and has yet to etch something on the collective psyche of the humanity.

Kissing Couple: Scott Jones And Alex Thomas Say Vancouver Riot Embrace Was The Real Deal

Incidentally Canada is the only nation among the G7 without a distinctive iconic identity. Can you name a famous Canadian in two seconds? You know what I mean!

Looking for new ways to network and promote your blog ?

At my age, which I am leaving you to figure out, venturing in to something like blogging can be seen as a strong indication of a suicidal tendency.The unnecessary pressure you put yourself under, to write your blog, can easily do you in! 

You feel like a student who had been fooling around the whole year, trying to catch up on the subjects you never learned in the first place,  because you bunked your sessions and were busy with more interesting things in life.

One of the networking sites suggested by Useful Blog Networking Sites

But learn you must somehow in the limited time you have before your "exams", the new challenge you have taken upon yourself, to write readable posts. After all you want the whole world to flock to your blog like moths get attracted to a lone lantern. Don't you?

Anthony Weiner could have almost touched his women!

Article first published as Anthony Weiner Could Have Almost Touched His Women! on Technorati.

One can only feel great admiration and respect for the courage and poise with which Huma Abedin is facing the tempest raised by her husband’s misdemeanour at a time of extreme vulnerability, as a woman who is in to the third month of pregnancy.

I wish her well and hope she will continue to be strong and be able to see through this crisis together with her husband, as a couple. After all, their relationship and interfaith marriage are proof enough that the couple has great power of introspection and great strength to live by their conviction, leaving enough space for each other.

However rather than die out with the public confessions Anthony Weiner has done so far, with additional material released and being circulated on the internet and media, the storm seems to be only intensifying, with the clamour for his resignation becoming more and more loud.

A miracle of sorts or the stars having their say!

It is only a few days since I wrote about a strong co-relation between the recent transit of the planet Jupiter and life changing events around the world.

As ever, I had been a keen observer of the celestial movements and how those movements influence my life, hoping that I can learn from the pattern and prepare myself for the future, if not change it to my liking.

I have learned that, in rapid succession to the relocation of the planet Jupiter in April, the celestial malefic twins of the Vedic astrology, Rahu and Kethu were changing their positions in the second half of May, the exact date and time being depend on different calculations.

I didn’t know what this meant to the world, but guessed that personally their new position might not bring in any good news.

Sadly, though to the satisfaction of my curiosity, my hunch has turned out o be not too far from the reality.

What has greeted me last week was the news of the relatively unexpected death of a person very close to a dear friend.

All right, it is only a loss to a friend, not to me, but it is all depends how you feel about your friends, I suppose. Actually talking to my friend, made me sad for the loss of my close friend.

This was followed, two days back, by the demise of another person close to the same friend, who practically had the same relationship with my friend. It was a cardiac arrest, not expected at all of a person my friend wanted to visit, but couldn’t for reasons only destiny decides.

At last! The greatness and value in traditional Indian arts!

Article originally published in
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'Dance brings my culture back to me'

Forget Bollywood and bhangra: a new generation of children are more into classical Indian dance, writes Aditya Chakrabortty

Aditya Chakrabortty,
Tuesday 28 July 2009 22.05 BST

Article history

Students get to grips with the 2,000-year-old Indian dance form bharatanatyam. Photograph: Christian Sinibaldi

From Chennai in south India to Croydon, where south London shades into Surrey, is a distance of just under 5,100 miles. The city formerly called Madras is famous for its classical performing arts and temples; Croydon boasts trams and a big shopping centre. Yet if, one Saturday morning, you were to drive over to Kingsley junior school in west Croydon and tug open the door to the assembly hall, you would enter a kind of cultural buffer state – somewhere between suburban Britain and southern India.
Wednesday, June 01, 2011
Posted by Sreedhar Pillai

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