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At my age, which I am leaving you to figure out, venturing in to something like blogging can be seen as a strong indication of a suicidal tendency.The unnecessary pressure you put yourself under, to write your blog, can easily do you in! 

You feel like a student who had been fooling around the whole year, trying to catch up on the subjects you never learned in the first place,  because you bunked your sessions and were busy with more interesting things in life.

One of the networking sites suggested by Useful Blog Networking Sites

But learn you must somehow in the limited time you have before your "exams", the new challenge you have taken upon yourself, to write readable posts. After all you want the whole world to flock to your blog like moths get attracted to a lone lantern. Don't you?

That is when you would frantically start looking for other purple's notes of hard labour, flip cards, PowerPoint presentations, and especially guides and start to find out who your true friends are!

If you are lucky, someone lents you some useful material or put you to something which will save your day. But mostly it ends up in your desperate and wild chase to find an easy way to pass your tests.

You end up incessantly wading through tons of guides and paper to find answers which will get you top scores. You are looking for Guides written by clever people who went through the hassle themselves.

The problem with the guides, whether in education or in blogosphere is always their quality!

As they are often written by people to guide others, they don’t always produce the results you expect, even if you follow them in letter. Because everyone wants to write a blog which others have to find “useful”, the internet is inundated with the same stale and hyped stuff, repeating the same old things in many different ways. 

That is why, Posts like Useful Blog Networking Sites which I recently came across in my search for useful things to help with promoting my blog, turn out to be good friends you like to have!

What is presented are refreshingly new ways of achieving blogging success because they leverage on new development on the internet 

Useful Blog Networking Sites, introduce you to five spanking new blog promotion technology sites,

Of these, I had already signed up with Seededbuz, but found the others to be great programmes worth giving a try and quite easy to sign up with. 

Useful Blog Networking Sites  has indeed turned out to bea good firend! At the end of the day there are  short cuts to get visitors to your site and read and comment on your blog posts. However, the best thing you can try is to be as genuine and as natural as possible, truly reflecting in your posts your compulsions of blogging. This post about a subject I like and posted in this blog is a good attempt at that kind of writing which you may find interesting.

Still, to achieve success with blogging it is indeed necessary to maximise your efforts buttressed on up to-date technology and good guides like Useful Blog Networking Sites.

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