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Article first published as Anthony Weiner Could Have Almost Touched His Women! on Technorati.

One can only feel great admiration and respect for the courage and poise with which Huma Abedin is facing the tempest raised by her husband’s misdemeanour at a time of extreme vulnerability, as a woman who is in to the third month of pregnancy.

I wish her well and hope she will continue to be strong and be able to see through this crisis together with her husband, as a couple. After all, their relationship and interfaith marriage are proof enough that the couple has great power of introspection and great strength to live by their conviction, leaving enough space for each other.

However rather than die out with the public confessions Anthony Weiner has done so far, with additional material released and being circulated on the internet and media, the storm seems to be only intensifying, with the clamour for his resignation becoming more and more loud.

To a great extent, the revulsion is subjective, by a society conditioned to feel the indignation, perhaps rightfully, at the material they come to see rather than at the fact that a responsible elected representative produced and caused its release to the public domain, so irresponsibly.

Not withstanding this, one has to take  an objective view of how the whole world has come to use the internet and social networks so lightly and casually, with much less inhibition, and more openness, safe in the feeling of its inherent impunity absent from  printed and visual media, thanks to ever advancing technologies.

After all, if people couldn’t show off their pictures and tweeted to each other, absolutely free of cost, we wouldn’t have had this phenomenal growth of sites like face book and twitter, a development no body is complaining about.

There is not enough reason and seriousness to the issue, at least for the outside world which is more comfortable with this openness of the cyberspace, to let go of the services of a representative New York has elected seven Times to serve its citizens, a point of view also expressed by more and more Americans, which was examined in a previous Article.

AS a matter of fact, new technologies being developed and released to the internet will facilitate, in the very near future, more tactile relationship between people physically located miles and continents apart, as easily as sending and receiving an e mail or a text message.

A device capable of transmitting kisses over the internet has already been shown off with capabilities of more intimate “human contact” promised very quickly. It is only a matter of time such services are freely available. In fact Anthony Weiner could have left his women really feeling “touched”, if he could have continued his activities more discretely for a few more months!

Such inventions will no doubt make the internet and the world much more interactive with more and more people availing of the opportunity to enjoy life in new ways. It is difficult to see how a moralistic club of public servants will be able to keep aloof and pretend that the lines and boundaries of morality need to remain carved in stone!

Article first published as Anthony Weiner Could Have Almost Touched His Women! on Technorati.

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