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For a couple of decades now everyone talked about how the Italian born Sonia Gandhi looted the poor Indians and hid the money abroad.  If she indeed has all those billions, why no one has seen any of those spent during  this election?

In fact, in comparison to the thousands of Crores  of rupees the opposition BJP had splurged so far on a massive election campaign Sonia’s Congress Party looked really a poor man’s party, with candidates having to depend on meager handouts from the election fund.

When it comes to arithmetic and the value of zeros when you put them on the right, everyone from the CAG to the aam admi on the street in India get a bit confused. Astronomical figures are attributed to various corruption charges from Sonia Gandhi’s foreign deposits to A Raja’s 2G  scandal and the Coalgate scam.

But even a school student can work this out. Going by the standard international kick back rate of 5 or even 10 %, how much foreign money should have been invested in India for Sonia to receive a billion dollar? To be sure you can add up all the money spent in India’s Five Year Development plans. Yet, even western media have estimated her foreign asset to be around USD 19 Billion, accusing her to be  the 4th richest politician in the world.

Despite investigation costing Rs 2.5 Billion by different governments, no one could convict Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian businessman acquainted with the Gandhi family  before he finally left for a place where all wrong doings must be answered for.

The loss of Rs 1,490 Billion, which DMK’s Raja has caused by not auctioning the 2G spectrum  as per the CAG could have bought  the nation 13 brand new steel plants like the POSCO plant being put up in Orissa.

But a real auction by the UPA Government hardly had any takers. If the foreign telecoms had invested all that money as per the CAG, everyone in India could have expected a telephone bill of at least Rs 2000 per month for life.

Certainly it is wrong to say that nothing ever happened in these allegations of kick back and corruption; they are out of all proportions and blown out for political mileage.

Billion dollar deals and allegations of kick back keep happening all over the world and will continue to happen. While in many countries such ill begotten wealth merely dissipates into the economy by clever investment, in democratically sensitive India,  they become an election issue.

In India, where the political parties, which had to start with empty bank accounts after independence, soon realised that elections cannot be won without investing massive amounts of money  and widespread corruption became a means of amassing the required funds well ahead of the elections. So such scams occurred irrespective of the party ideology, even the Communists being accused of similar scandals.

But in India of 2014, the whole nature of funding of election seems to have changed. With the outcry against government corruption during the last five years, with everyone in power, including the Prime Minister put  under intense scrutiny, old style kick back  is no more a funding source.

However, with the influx of massive foreign money into India, the source of political funding also seems to have shifted to India. The new deals seem to be not with foreign companies but with their joint ventures within India.

There is no doubt that massive amounts of money are needed and clearly spent on the huge rallies and campaigns and possibly to buy the votes wherever possible by various parties, much above the limits set by law.

Questions and uproar will be raised by those who will lose out in the elections over such spending, only to be forgotten till the next election.

It will be a long time before a poor candidate like Barak Obama will be able to raise massive funds by meagre donations of millions of supporters in India for countering the campaign of opponents.

For now everyone seems to have stopped searching for the treasure trove of Sonia and is looking to pin her with the new scam of her son in law Robert Wadra. Fortunately, it is only worth a few measly careers.

The perils an Italian  wife  who shared the bed with an Indian man has to go through is endless, it seems.

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  1. In fact, in comparison to the thousands of Crores of rupees the opposition BJP had splurged so far on a massive election campaign Sonia’s Congress Party looked really a poor man’s party, with candidates having to depend on meager handouts from the election fund.


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