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Amid all that euphoria of the massive election victory of the BJP, when the whole world was impatiently watching the steps of its would be Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, what captured the attention of the media was a  bizarre thanks giving meeting organised by it.

Several senior leaders of the BJP who won the recent election assembled to felicitate Baba Ramdev, who was conspicuously absent from the meet and media glare, who helped them win the election by his  blessings, which were more mundane than divine.

However the party can neither acknowledge nor felicitate the sources of the massive funds behind its campaign so openly, though someday somehow favours will have to be returned. For now, one Indian, who set out to expose and prevent corruption in India is languishing in the Tiharjail.

Arvind Kejeriwal and his AAP were broke even before he found he had no money to bail himself out. He had acknowledged long time back that his party had no funds to take on the NDA and the UPA in the parliamentary election, a political reality glaring at him he refused to see before setting out on his mission.

Not far behind Arvind Kejeriwal is Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party, with its almost empty coffers, which actually is the reason behind many of the organisational failure he is being hauled in for and can’t defend publicly. One give away though is Rahul Gandhi’s plain Kurthas he is often seen in compared to the impeccably and Kingly attired Narendra Modi, whose party is plush with money.

Tamil Nadu lady Jaya and Bengal tigress Mamta and Karnataka’s Yeddyurappa and Andhra’s Jagan Reddy between them, with various charges of corruption against them, have got massive mandate of millions of voters, while the anti corruption AAP has just managed to win four seats, despite fielding candidates to all seats of the parliament.

Despite the decade long ruckus in and out of parliament against corruption by the BJP, by aligning their  party  with tainted Paswan and Yeddyurappa and Reddy brothers, Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi have clearly shown that  corruption, after all, is not great shakes to bother about and is here to stay.

In fact in the aftermath of the election, when uncertainty filled the political space, the BJP had declared that it will accept support of anyone willing, corrupt or clean.

The rejection of the AAP by the Indian electorate and the massive re-election of tainted parties and characters all over India show majority of Indians don’t bother about corruption, in politics at least.

Did  Sonia Gandhi and the UPA give up too easily and too soon for the sake of a clean image the Indians really give too hoots for and the anti corruption ideal they merely give lip service for?

It looks like the clean image of Dr Manmohan Singh, which the Indian public which condone corruption where it suits them insisted should be that of his government’s too, was too much of a price to pay.

Perhaps, the party should have been more defensive and vociferous with, starting from the petty  sweat equity scandal against Sashi Tharoor though every allegation it faced, instead of ethically and  
politely establishing the truth, for example like the re auctioning of the 2G spectrum.
When hardly anyone In India hasn’t benefitted from its real estate boom, which is the final absorption of billions of foreign money which has flown in to India, If Robert Wadra made some money like everyone else, it should have been defended as such.

There was indeed no reason why the UPA did not address the question of funds for fighting the oncoming election instead of counting on the loyalty of the millions of poor it helped out by its schemes, even if it meant being blamed to pamper any of the super rich of India.

The bottom line is what really matters in winning  elections is the bottom line of the parties.  

For a country which take great pride in Imitating the United States, India should now adopt what the supreme court of the USA has deemed fit for its democracy, by lifting the cap on Individual political donations.

Campaign funding, despite government grants for each party, with the restrictions in place had found several indirect routes to reach the candidates, mainly through purposely created PACs, in the past elections.

In the aftermath of this important ruling by the supreme court, President Obama has cancelled further government grant and allocated the residual money for cancer research.

The action of the supreme court, appointed by the republican party, is in fact first of its successful measures to win the next round, by making sure the party will have all the money it needs.

"I'm concerned about what it means for our democracy. Our founders, they sacrificed their lives, their liberty, their sacred honor for a democracy: a government of the many, not a government of the money," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said during an appearance at the Reuters Health Summit in Washington.

Despite such democratic sentiments, the US supreme court’s view that limitless private funding of political parties is in line with what most Indians feel about corruption despite what they say, should be a way forward for the Indian democracy.

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  1. Hmm.. to start with.. this is a beautiful theme sir. Im planning to redo my own in a few weeks. Great! Other than that, I'm not entirely convinced by the article. However I do take the point about AAP, which also goes to show that clean image can win you elections (like it happened in the Delhi state elections) , but to bad for India that Kejriwal lost the plot.


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