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When it comes to the human body and its senses, there is no one who understands more than the French.
The French are indomitable in satisfying the palette with food prepared in the best quisine, vine, cheese and innumerable other things including the French croissant. As for the smell, what smells better than a French perfume? As for the eyes, from Mona Lisa to the high healed shoes of ValérieTrierweiler visual feast is the essence of French Haut Couture to modern French architecture, exemplified by the Eiffel Tower. No wonder why Paris has always attracted the most talented of artists, thinkers and philosophers and is most sought after Romantic destination in the world.

But it is the human body itself the French has an exquisite comprehension about, which is at the core of the Joie de vivre the French live and die with and urge everyone else have in life. The French somehow have a better notion of what the body is about like the Asians in general have an insight in to the spiritual nature of life.
Perhaps this inane appreciation of human body is what has produced the best designers, cooks and hoteliers from among the French.  With all that appreciation of the French psyche, however I was puzzled when I checked in to an ordinary hotel room, a few years back, in a town in France where I had earlier lived and worked for years. I had never seen anything like that!

 A window on the inner wall separating the bedroom from the attached bathroom. At first I was really intrigued. But slowly, as I settled down arranging my wardrobe and setting up my laptop on the table, the ingenuity of the interior designers and architects slowly started to dawn on me.  Of course, I could have asked the receptionist about it, but chose not to in order to hide my lack of culture.  I wasn’t sure if the feature was only for some rooms and I was specially offered one as an added welcome gesture.  Today, I don’t know if the hotel still has those rooms rented out to guests.

I am sure a lot of people will have different ideas about the purpose and utility of such a feature. But for someone who is looking forward to spend an evening with someone with a ‘tete a tete’ with ‘huitre’ and champagne and roses, the room with this romantic window should offer plenty of extended pleasures one can imagine.

Years later, when France has elected a new President and thinks nothing is abnormal or strange about his unmarried companion moving in to the Elysee palace with him, it is a lot more easier to take in the sublime imagination of the French designers who had conceived and incorporated this bizarre feature which appeared to be unique.
Not sure if this is unique at all or there are many other hotels with such exquisite add on facilities to make your stay more memorable and perhaps offered as an incentive for you to come back. It will be good to hear from others.
For anyone who has never come across this wonderful feature and wants to check out, the hotel was a branch of Mercure Hotels in the town of Evry, in the southern outskirts of Paris.

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