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India has ushered in the New Year with a desperate invitation to all foreigners to invest in its stock markets! Is there an X Factor, a real show stopper, for the Incredible India show you need to worry about?

Beset with high fiscal deficit, withdrawal of funds by foreign Institutional Investors who lost confidence in the India story and political opposition to foreign direct investment in the corporate retail sector, the government has opened the Indian stock markets to everyone who would like to invest.

But before we rush with our hard earned capital to jump in to the Incredible India band wagon and to invest in Indian stocks, it will be prudent to investigate the ‘X’ factor of India, which adds a new and unknown dimension to the stock market at the least and can potentially destroy India’s future growth at the worst!

A lot of irrational and unjustified criticism has been hurled, at its economist Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh and his ministry, by the leaders of India’s own Industry as well as several observers around the world, for the current plight of Indian economy and its less than expected growth.

But what everyone has failed to recognize is the growing X (which stands for the female chromosome) factor of India, the unpredictability, irrationality and vagaries of hormones of its elected female leaders, the Chief Minister trio of Mamta, Mayavati and Jayalalitha, who are meddling with the growth agenda of the central government in power in New Delhi and hampering its capabilities to deliver free market and economic progress.

Three of India’s biggest states comprising of 30% of its population are ruled by these women of monumental egos and idiosyncrasies which spell disaster, with substantial representation in the Indian parliament. These females who act like Victorian queens and catapulted in to positions of power by massive mandates of negative votes, defy all logic when it comes to their approach to free market and the growth of economy of the whole nation.

Hardly evincing any of grasp of the economic realities and effects of globalisation which impose urgent fiscal and economic policy changes to attain the growth, they act as if the states they rule are no longer parts of the union of India.

All the three women politicians who have attained the status of cult figures with the status of a mother depend on a little known domination of matriarchal subjugation of the Indian psyche and its debilitating grip on the Indian political system which breed and abet the X factor of India. No male dissent to the absolute authority of these females is ever seen or tolerated. In fact the lack of any public debate or dissent within these regional parties smack of regimes of the despots displaced recently by the Arab spring.

Here are several examples of the X factor manifesting in the Indian political scene in destructive mode, disregarding the interests or economic progress of millions of voters, widely reported in the Indian and International press.

·        FDI in retail: Mamata Banerjee puts the agenda on hold

·        Govt to mollify Mamata Banerjee on Lokpal Bill

·        Mamata Torpedoes Bangla Water Deal

·        Jayalalitha opposes FDI in retail  

The question is, when the function of free market and sound fiscal policies which are indispensable for growth and return on any investment cannot be taken for granted, is it really prudent to invest?
The chances are that you may not even get the smell of your money again.

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