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What Makes Even The Russians Go On A Pilgrimage To Sabarimala?

Though it is a gross exaggeration to call the recent visit of twelve Russians to Sabarimala the ultimate capitulation of Marxism Leninism to the Indian Mythology, the event has opened a rare and unique travel experience to people from all over the world who seeks exotic adventure of a different kind.

If you are not a woman under menopausal age and if you are willing to do a spiritual penance for 41 days, abstain from eating meat and enjoying sex in your thoughts and life, let your hair and beard grow uncut and lead a Spartan existence, then you can venture in to this life changing trip to Sabarimala which more than 50 million Indians of all religions already make every year!

For the team of Russians from Moscow led by Induchoodan, who has made this trip more than fifteen times and who practices Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, this unique pilgrimage to Sabarimala has probably come to mean what it does for millions of Indians:

Can a $22 Billion Godly Treasure Make God’s Own Country A Tourist Spot?

If you believe in God and love him truly, sometimes, you are bestowed with the good fortune of being able to sing his praise, even if it is about his hidden wealth!

As if to atone for the ignorance of its Comptroller and Auditor General and make up for the loss he claimed the country has suffered, India has recently discovered a treasure in one of its ancient temples in the idyllic southern state, fondly called God’s Own Country.

These idiotic claims made by a stupid CAG of India, outside the constitutional limits of his office, has caused unprecedented loss to the Indian market capitalization, pulling India’s growth by several points down and creating a huge deficit in the trust of foreign investors in the Indian economy.

Thrissoor Pooram - A Unique Temple Festival of God's Own Country!

Pooram (Malayalam: പൂരം, pronounced [puːɾam]) is one of the nakshatras or star in the Hindupanchangam. There are 27 Nakshatras in the Hindu panchangam and a million or more temples in Kerala, and this combination creates numerous possibilities for auspicious occasions, with each temple having varying importance for the different stars. However, over the years, the pooram nakshatram has gained special significance in its association with temple festivals, mainly because of its association with Thrissur. It has now taken on a different meaning all together, because of the huge congregation of people during the pooram festival in Thrissur.

This year the Pooram Festival also fell on a unique day when the emotions were running very high in Kerala.

It was the day before the much awaited results of the State assembly elections were to be declared. With a high politically concious population, with a literacy level of almost 100%, which also crave for communist ideals disregarding their demise in civilised world, the pooram festival was an early start of the agony and ecstacy they were long waiting for to arrive!

Some screen capture shots of the Pooram Festival 2011

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