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Why is the thirty year return of Saturn sinister for some?

Saturn, the Vedic astrology says, is a planet which makes human beings pay up for their past and present Karma before they die. Keralite astrologers even believe that those who die on a Saturday would have attained the end of the rebirth cycle, which the Hindus believe is the route God has prescribed for living beings to attain salvation and eternal peace.

Does the cyclical return of Saturn after thirty years to its original position spell doom and gloom for at least some people? Is that why exactly thirty years after her tragic assassination, India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is mercilessly being assassinated again?

Isn't the attempt of the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi to wipe out her name and her ultimate scarifies for India, exactly on the thirtieth anniversary of her assassination, nothing less than another assassination of her, thirty years after her death? 

While he could have chosen another day for that, he chose the thirtieth anniversary of her tragic death for inflicting the political blow. Is it due to celestial compulsions?

Narendra Modi called the anti Sikh riots of Delhi, which ensued the cold blooded murder of Indira Gandhi to avenge her courage to put down the Sikh separatist who wanted to divide India, as the deepest strike of a knife on India’s unity.

His words are perhaps a deeper cut on the greatness of Indira Gandhi than those inflicted by hundreds of bullets shot by her own sikh body guards, which killed her.

It may be  a mere coincidence that Indira was assassinated on the birth day of Sardar Patel, but that the BJP and its leader had to wait thirty years to unashamedly raise the greatness of Sardar Patel, who died as a lifelong Congressman who really banned their party must have something to do with the celestial movements.

The question is why didn’t that happen earlier or later? Has it got something to do with Saturn, which is assumed to change its position in the coming days?

One can argue that astrology  doesn’t apply to dead souls. But Vedic astrology indeed concedes that a human life span could be as long as 120 years. If Indira Gandhi somehow survived the attempt on her life thirty years back and were alive today,  Narendra Modi will still try to obliterate her politically by whatever he can shout to the crowds, It is not difficult for even a school child to see that the state election for Punjab, in which BJP will contest alone is not that far away.

Thankfully, Vedic astrology doesn’t judge the Karma of human beings in isolation from the rest who will share the good and bad of yours. It weights and blends yours with those of your spouse, children, parents, close relations, dependants and friends.

For Rahul Gandhi at least, whose Grant Mother was assassinated when Saturn occupied its loftiest position with Burning Sun in company, in the house of Libra, thirty years back, the very same planets have occupied Libra again to witness the second assassination of his Grant Mother.

In fact Saturn was there for the past two years which has seen the worst spell of fortune for the whole family. Undoubtedly periods Saturn’s loftiest state is the worst time for the Gandhi family, judging from the events in thirty years and the tragedies and political losses.

Even though Indira Gandhi died during the dasa of Saturn, a period in life where you may have the severest of set back and toils, Saturn’s wrath and graces were more or less balanced for her. However the thirty year cyclical movement certainly meant disaster to Indira Gandhi and her kith and kin every time it visited his position of high strength, the house of Libra.

How Rahul Gandhi, Amul Baby of India Has Become the David Of Indian Politics.

All of a sudden, the story of David and Goliath has once again been enacted in Delhi, which 1.3 billion Indians proudly call the seat of their democracy.
It is believed that the original purpose of the story was to show the identity of David, the champion of the God of Israel, as the true king of Israel, who could kill Goliath, the representative of paganism with the help of God.
Rahul Gandhi, often ridiculed by his political opposition and the Indian press as "Amul (a brand of milk in India) Baby" for his un assuming and low key leadership, seems to have done nothing less by his openness and courageous stand against a piece of legislation which would have continued to protect criminals who get elected as representatives.
Rahul Gandhi has surprised India and the world with a few spontaneous but thunderous words dispelling all notions of lack of leadership and trouncing a the painstakingly created image of Narendra Modi of the BJP as a political Goliath and the only person worthy to be the prime minister of India.

Can India’s Antony Be Its Next Dark Horse Prime Minister?

Let me say this, I barely know A.K Antony except that we both hail from ‘God’s Own Country’, the little piece of beautiful land on the tip of the Indian Peninsula, the marvellous beauty of which  is preserved by its  anti development politics.

Not a political analysts by any stretch of Imagination; for that matter not even someone who lives anymore in the country, there are no pretences of erudition either in this. As a common man whose eyes and ears are not shut to the abundance of information incessantly pouring on to the a screen in front of me, I simply exert my fundamental right to venture a wild guess of my own.

In fact It is Antony’s own words during a recent campaign which points to this inevitability.

Criticising the  Marxist Communist Party, his main political opposition in Kerala, Antony has predicted that the CPM will be forced to support the UPA , the ruling  alliance  to form the next government, as they did in 2004.

The CPM  has not only vehemently denied this, but is strongly harping on the wishful idea of a “Third Font”, a political salad bowl of nuts, leaves and weeds, hardly palatable to the Indian masses.

Indians are fed up such exotic diet, meted out to them by several coalitions who only unite to fight and wither away in the past, lacking common ideology, purpose or will to govern.

The current “Third Front” so far remains merely as a photo session, with raised and clutched hands of as many leaders of regional parties as the number of those who want to be the Prime Minister of India, which has become a ridiculous icon of the fast crumbling idea of the Union of India.

Nevertheless, manifestation of  a political Phobia against the Bharathiya Janata Party,  which has unite the scattered opposition in the past, is in its highest pitch this time, thanks to a brazen and aggressive campaign of BJP’s self appointed prime ministerial candidate Modi himself.

If this manifested in the previous two elections as a force to prevent the BJP, a party with a hidden Hindutwa agenda to push minorities to second class, this time it is working as a formidable force to prevent a dictatorial Modi from grabbing the Prime Ministerial chair of India.  

Abetted by such concerns within the country’s minorities and even within the BJP itself, various anti Modi campaigns  by various forces, especially by the newly formed Aam Admi Party of Arvind Kejeriwal, can end up with the Third Front  grabbing a significant number of parliamentary seats, despite various opinion polls predicting otherwise.

Moreover, the gap between the results of opinion polls and political reality in Indian parliamentary election (different from the state elections influenced by local and regional forces), could be wider, given the massive financial influence exerted on the Indian media ahead of this year’s election.

All these factors can add up to a situation quite similar to 2004, as being claimed by Antony, perhaps less rosier than what is hoped by Rahul Gandhi, his party’s vice president and its potential nominee for the position of the Prime Minister.

Given the extreme and publicised ambitions of each of the leaders of the Third Front to become the PM, it is unlikely that they can agree upon one, especially if the combined strength is likely to be less than that of the UPA.

It  will also be not entirely unrealistic to expect  the two lady Chief Ministers to keep themselves out of the front, certainly due to the presence of their arch enemies and in any case as none of their male counterparts will concede them the coveted position of the Prime Minister.

In such a scenario, the combined determination of  everyone to Keep Modi out of power, for the good of the nation and their own political survival can crystallise in to a support of Sonia Gandhi’s UPA in forming the next government.

Rahul Gandhi, the vice president of  the Congress Party is will be , at best a very reluctant Prime Minister, who will much prefer to be its ideologist and party builder till at least another election.

In any case, Rahul Gandhi, who has taken the brunt of the political rhetoric and criticism from each of the leaders of the Front, (Remember Amul Baby?) is not someone, the elderly Prime Ministerial aspirants of the front will accept without some heart burn and loss of face.

That is where A K Antony and his stature within the party and his consensus building talents will come to the aid of all Modi haters, perhaps as a silver lining on the dark clouds the next election threaten to bring over the great nation of India.  

If that happens, the leaders of the CPM which Antony NOW says will have no choice but to support the UPA,  will be more than happy to support him, even forgetting the party ideology.

Many of them, after all,  are his compatriots  from God’s Own Country.

Sunday, April 06, 2014
Posted by Unknown

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