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King Khan Dances To The Beats Of Akon To Seduce Dubai!

It was an unusually chilly evening in Dubai, yet a crowd of fifty thousand didn’t want to go home without watching Sharukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, dance with the damsels from God’s own country to the music of Akon.

Not only did Khan manage to enthral the huge crowd but also get the shy and untrusting damsel heroines of Kerala to warm up to his steps and gestures and forget themselves in his charming and infectious dance movements. Sharukh Khan proved himself to be a great maestro of inspiration if not the art of dance itself.

Is On Line Radio the next big thing in Social Healing?

FRASIER, epitomizing the fallacy of radio as a medium for social healing, is one of my all time favourite TV shows. However, technology has now the power to render the humble FM radio a veritable social healing medium for the whole world!

FM stations, now available on line to a worldwide audience, can play a powerful role in social healing as this radio show from Dubai proves.

TV has revolutionised social interaction in communities on national levels through talk shows, reality shows, celebrity shows like X Factor and Oprah Winfry, mostly carried on the shoulders of their celebrity hosts.

Though these shows bring people together, around a common cause or interest, and have enormous entertainment value, their role in providing a reprieve for human pain and agony in day to day life is quite limited. At best, people watch them out of curiosity or boredom. Most TV shows do not leave something behind to lighten your burden, or give you the relief in opening up to someone!

GRAMOPHONE - A magical Radio Show by Shalu Faisal on HitFM Dubai.

GRAMOPHONE is a wonderful and UNIQUE radio program everyone must listen at least once in their life!

You can listen to GRAMOPHONE at between 10 and 12 PM Dubai time, in which SHALU FAISAL magicallly gets in to deepest corners of minds of her listeners with her soothing words and elicit the most secretly guarded talents to open up and bloom in wonderful snippets of poetry and words of expressions of pain, love, affection, and pangs of separation and loneliness.

I think (I am sure a lot of people must have told this before) GRAMOPHONE is a UNIQUE programme as far as I know in any language anywhere in the world, (please correct me if I am wrong) because what is broad cast is actually a collection of wonderful feelings, thoughts and expression of emotions of human beings revealed to a very trusting friend.

As far as I know there is no other show which do that so touchingly and beautifully.

GRAMOPHONE episodes must be saved for the posterity to listen so that, in a very very far future, if the humanity for some reason will be dehumanized and lose tender emotions, GRAMOPHONE will remain to remind what humans could really be like.

In fact you don't have to look in the future, the world we live in is already in need of the soft touch of GRAMOPHONE to soothe the horrendous wounds it inflicts on itself.

Read more about the magical GRAMOPHONE of SHALU FAISAL

Listen in to the magical GRAMOPHONE of SHALU FAISAL  NOW

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