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What do the Stars Foretell for Barack Obama?

Hey, this is the year of the US Presidential election, a time when the pundits are busy predicting the future for all of us. All sorts of political analysts and political pundits get busy predicting the results of the elections and the future of the candidates. With the evolution of the social web and technology, experts claim that there are much more scientific ways. The accuracy of many of those will surely be tested in this election to be held in under two months.

Then there are also traditional methods of fortune tellers one can dabble in, for a bit of private pleasure and excitement of your own. Barack Obama is running a tight race with his opponent Mitt Romney. The DNC has given his ratings a bump but the latest job data has taken some sheen. So what are the stars holding for him and the future of the United States of America?
Well, unbelievable it may be, President Obama is entering a phase of strongest support from his stars according to the Indian way of star gazing and judging one's future. It may even bestow a third term of Presidency and consequently a steady and prosperous period for the USA.
For Barack Obama, Saturn, according to the Indian calculations, offer maximum support during his life on the Earth. This is because Saturn is the "lord" of his ascendant "house" and bestows it with all strength, support and balance by also positioning in that house at the time of his birth. In fact Saturn gives him strength in at least four ways as per the Indian belief of stars being in control of your life and it's up and downs. Besides this Saturn bestows leadership and good fortune at least seven ways in conjunction with other planets. In fact Saturn is the planet with the highest strength among the entire lot, as per Vedic reckoning in eight ways.
So what is the guarantee that all these portend good times for Obama? Well if all of these have any bearing, it is the right time for them to manifest in his life. As per the Vedic principles, his life has just started a period of Saturn's influence, which should last for the next nineteen years. The logical conclusion is, how can a star, which is supposed to give him maximum support and benefits, take away position in life he has already achieved?
Let us say, for the sake of argument, all this is crap. But a look of the period of sixteen years in his life he just finished is quite compatible with what the Vedic astrology portended! Like Saturn, Jupiter also has strong influence in his life, occupying his ascendant house and bringing all round good fortune during his period. Obama's spectacular ascendancy in to influential position and relative affluence during the last decade, coincided with the period of influence of Jupiter, which he just finished in August, arguable but unbelievable as it can be!
Under the tenants of the Vedic astrology, Saturn is a Guru who removes arrogance, puts you through the real grind of life and bestows that vital balance and wisdom which makes your life meaningful. From the DNC speech of President Obama, it is clear that his most supportive planetary force is already flowing on to the persona of Barack Obama, preparing him for his next presidency.

"While I'm proud of what we've achieved together," Obama told the assembled in Charlotte, "I'm far more mindful of my own failings, knowing exactly what Lincoln meant when he said, 'I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go."

Perhaps, the unseen force is acting not just on the next president of the USA, but the world at large, with the breeze of the Arab Spring sweeping across the world, brining a whiff of a more equitable distribution of wealth and social justice, something the incumbents of the White House seem to be standing up for.
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Should Obama Do an Invisible Bush Act at the DNC?

Despite the gloss over Ann Romney tried to give the historic improvisation of Clint Eastwood, who tried to address and insult an invisible Barack Obama who had no way of fefending himself, the Democrats will be eager to pull off something in return at the DNC.
Letting the GOP get away with a piece of stage drama to score a political point against them will be a political sin the democrats can't afford. They can't let the insult go away unpunished like the way the convention managed an important debilitating debate on abortion, which preceded it, to totally disappear from the agenda.
Though it may not be entirely in style for a sitting president, who has already declared that he is no way offended by the episode, to stoop to such silly political theatre, it actually gives Barack Obama a precious chance to defend his records by "Eastwooding" George Bush. After all, Bush, from whom he inherited the economic mess, was conspicuously absent from the RNC to evade having to defend his poor record which would definitely have hurt the claims of the GOP.
George Bush must have evaded the convention under pressure from the GOP, precisely not to remind anyone of his legacy or what the Republicans really did to the US economy in the eight years they were in power. In any case, George Bush couldn't have defended his record convincingly and might have ended up with embarrassing remarks, for which he has a solid record, which might have turned in to the high lights of the convention.
Though George Bush himself was on record about his decision to stay away from the convention, For the GOP itself, who is trying to win back the power in Washington, not being able to hold their ex president in front of the nation, as a guarantee of the rosy state of affairs they promise, is an indefensible weakness.
Whether the political managers of the Democratic Party can see this massive hole in the defence of the GOP and capitalise on it can make a real difference to the message they will transmit from Charlotte in the next few days.
Under normal circumstances any attempt by President Obama and his party to go back several years in history to defend their records would have been torn apart by the GOP as weak defence for incompetence. However, the GOP can no more complain about being unduly attacked if some one will do an "Eastwooding" on any of their leaders as they have publicly praised and justified what the Octogenarian Hollywood icon has enacted during the RNC.
But what will be the best way to delicately tap in to the enormous opportunity must be the thought which has kept the DNC managers sleepless for last week. Obviously a copy cat performance by another celebrity or any of the leaders will be deemed ridiculous and can easily backfire.
Their best bet is President himself, who has time and again proved his entertainer appeal, especially during the White House Correspondents Dinner Speech. Obama has proved not only that he can pull off effective jabs at his political opponents, but that he can do such things convincingly while unbelievably difficult situations like the operation Geronimo was being carried out under his command. President Obama no doubt is as much a theatrical performer as Clint Eastwood is.
It is hard to see that Barack Obama and his political managers will let such an opportunity go untapped. A rebuttal in some form or the other must be expected. It will certainly be one of the high points of the DNC.
In what form and way the president will deliver that will determine the political maturing of Barack Obama.
Article first published as Should Obama Speak to an Invisible George W. Bush at the DNC? on Technorati.

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