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Hello India, Welcome to the Club of Religious Governance!

Let us face it, the Indian parliament election of 2014 has clearly enrolled India among the countries ruled by their religious  majority  where all other religions have only a minority status.

The Bharathiya Janata Party, a party widely perceived to be  based on Hindu Ideology and agenda of Hindutwa has won a landslide victory in the election of 2014, the results of which were announced today. The party has won a clear majority Of 283 seats and their National Democratic Alliance a total of 337 seats.

It would hardly be of concern if the massive majority was spread across the country because landslides in politics are nothing to write home about.

It is the localisation of the un opposed power of the BJP, as is clear from the CNN IBN graphic which changes the nature of governance of India.
With Narendra Modi's Victory, India chooses to go back to the Power of One

There are no representation of opposition in several  states in India, which comprise a large chunk of the Indian population concentrated on an equally large part of the Indian land mass. It is as if India has been physically divided again.

Friday, May 16, 2014
Posted by Unknown

Why was the 2014 Indian parliament election anything but free and fair and ignored by western media?

Why did the western media totally ignore the just concluded month and a half long Indian exercise of electing the members of their 16th parliament?

Despite the Indian media tom toming it as the biggest democratic exercise to decide the future of one billion Indians, it was the conflict in Ukraine and the abduction of Nigerian girls which grabbed the headlines in the world.

Despite being projected to become the number one economy in the world in the near future, is there a reflection of the real status of India among the world nations in this apathy? If there is, no one but the Indians themselves are to be blamed.

Somehow the perception about the Indians among the rest of the world, built over several decades, is not something Indians abroad can write home about. Every Indian who ventures out on a holiday outside India returns home with that feeling, a feeling of animosity and dislike and bearing a secret grudge about the countries they went visiting.  The problem is, most Indians won't even admit to it.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Posted by Unknown

How Rahul Gandhi, Amul Baby of India Has Become the David Of Indian Politics.

All of a sudden, the story of David and Goliath has once again been enacted in Delhi, which 1.3 billion Indians proudly call the seat of their democracy.
It is believed that the original purpose of the story was to show the identity of David, the champion of the God of Israel, as the true king of Israel, who could kill Goliath, the representative of paganism with the help of God.
Rahul Gandhi, often ridiculed by his political opposition and the Indian press as "Amul (a brand of milk in India) Baby" for his un assuming and low key leadership, seems to have done nothing less by his openness and courageous stand against a piece of legislation which would have continued to protect criminals who get elected as representatives.
Rahul Gandhi has surprised India and the world with a few spontaneous but thunderous words dispelling all notions of lack of leadership and trouncing a the painstakingly created image of Narendra Modi of the BJP as a political Goliath and the only person worthy to be the prime minister of India.

The return of the fragrance of jasmine of India.

“I am alive today, I may not be there tomorrow. I shall continue to serve till my last breath and when I die every drop of my blood will strengthen India and keep a united India alive.” Indira Gandhi.
No one had called Indira Gandhi the jasmine of India.  But just when the ideal of a United India which she nurtured, toiled a lifetime and eventually gave her life for  seems to be falling apart, there is  some refreshing fragrance of hope emanating from Indira’s own flesh and blood.

It is as if Indira Gandhi, who had made millions feel immensely proud to be Indian while she was alive, has cast a spell on her grant daughter Priyanka Gandhi. A magical yet mesmerising spell which even Priyanka seems to be unaware of, something only those who lived in the times of Indira can discern.

Such is the simplicity of a few words she spoke recently, manner and mannerism with which she has delivered them, the confidence she has exuded while delivering them and the immense destructive power with which they have destroyed the fake facade she had hit them with, all reminiscent of her grant mother, that one may be excused to indulge in spells and charms and nostalgic glory of India.

Thursday, May 01, 2014
Posted by Unknown

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