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    When GOOGLE Plus was test released a few weeks ago, a new war of the Titans which could shape the history of the 21st century, just started. A few weeks on, it is interesting to see how new and unexpected events change its course.

    With a massive lead of nearly seven hundred million members worldwide, Facebook, without doubt, is in a leading unstoppable position in the social media. Far from anything its inventors designed or planned for the platform, Facebook is credited with influencing or bringing about life changing movements like Spring Revolution and the Jasmine revolution.

    For GOOGLE Plus, it looked like this gigantic vantage position of Facebook will be almost impossible to surmount. However an array of hard core “suicide hackers”, who unlike the Al Qaeda or Taliban have no particular allegiance, is proving to be great unpaid allies to GOOGLE in this war against Facebook.

    Despite the fact that GOOGLE keeps the figures and truth about the membership and acceptance of its new social media platform under the wraps, frustrating observers and Facebook, the numbers look impressive from various “estimates”.

    Though this can be credited partly to the massive awareness creating advertisement by GOOGLE, the leverage it is wielding from its existing flagship platforms like CHROME, inadvertently brought in to play by the work of the army of the volunteer hackers, is seriously and quickly shifting the sand under the feet of Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter.

    For example, the hackers have come up with powerful and ingenious extensions for CROME, the very popular browser of GOOGLE, which shows the WALL of your Facebook page and your Twitter Time line in your GOOGLE Plus page!

    The CHROME extension called Extended Share For GOOGLE Plus is particularly “nasty” being a feature which allows you to repost your Post to Four other leading Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and others.

    What this means is those visitors no longer need to visit Facebook or Twitter to post in to those or check out what is new with their friends with the help of the extensions like the following, already available to CHROME users.

    To counter this onslaught of GOOGLE, Facebook also have come up with much needed features like Video Calling and some ingenious ones like the Open Air browsing stations in Holiday Resorts and Hotels where you can log in to your Facebook page in your swim suits and bikinis!

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