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The mystery of seven sacred gemstones hidden by the Gunpowder Plotters

Black Country Bugle | News | Is a local man the key to unlocking the mystery of seven sacred gemstones ;hidden by the Gunpowder Plotters?:
"Is a local man the key to unlocking the mystery of seven sacred gemstones hidden by the Gunpowder Plotters?"

Black Country Bugle | News | 17/03/2005

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on the unmasking of the so-called "Phantom Horseman" of Wombourne, who terrorised the village and surrounding areas during the fifties. While some at the time believed it to be the ghost of Gideon Grove, the young groom shot dead as he fled the aftermath of the siege at Holbeache House four hundred years ago, retired policeman John Mellor revealed that the Phantom was, in fact, a wily old character who "borrowed" horses in order to carry out petty thefts! Others jumped on the bandwagon, impersonating The Phantom, therefore hampering police investigation

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God's very own salesman!

If you truly believe in God, it is really amazing how events in life, which might at first look very common or insignificant, can reveal glimpses of his grace!
Since many years, I have been given an opportunity to go to a great temple every Saturday. This is the new Balaji Temple at Tividale near Birmingham in the UK. Though very much in the centre of a British town, this is a new and marvellous temple built as a replica of the Thirupati Sri Balaji Temple. It is located  in a beautiful landscaped and isolated piece of land, fully of serenity and brimming with the presence of the almighty.

With HIS grace and the interest and passion of the wider Indian community all over the UK, the temple has grown over the years in to a complex with smaller temples for other deities and some communal facilities. At the request of a large number of devotees. a Lord Shiva temple is being built and its Kumbhabhishekam is being held in August 2010.
As part of the fund raising, temple trustees and volunteers often try to make the visiting devotees aware of various opportunities for donating to the temple fund. One such opportunity is contributing a golden billvam leaf which will be used in the puja on the Sivarathri day every month.
One of the trustees used to routinely talk to me on my every visit. One day he stopped me and suggested that I help him to do the promotion. Not considering  myself to be important and not having the "right profile" I excused myself from his demands on several occassions. However yesterday I gave in to his persuasions and agreed to talk to the devotees coming out of Darshan, least expecting that I can convince anyone to donate £501 pounds.
Reluctantly, with a bunch of leaflets in my hand I stood facing the outgoing line of devotees not knowing where to start. Very soon I found myself stopping people and talking to them things about Lord Shiva I didn't know that I knew! Finally I managed, to my utter surprise, persuade four families to sign up for the billvam in about twenty minutes. I think my friend was more surprised than pleased  when he told me that I have done very well.
Both of us agreed that it was the Lord who has done very well for himself!

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