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The Secret Of Finding a Great Title for Your Blog and Getting Everyone to Read Below It.

More than a decade ago, when I wanted to register my first domain, I didn't know what to call it. But I was excited at the feeling and fun of registering and becoming the proud owner of a domain when no one had heard of Google, Yahoo or Facebook and the web was still in its infancy. Frankly driving a Ferrari on to your porch couldn't match it then!

So I couldn't wait and care then for all the search, thought and fieldwork you have to put in for choosing a name for my domain. When I started to fill in the on line form, I looked out of the window and noticed that little street name plaque around the corner, which was always there but had never caught my attention before. It read Forge Valley Way. For some reason, quite unaware of what I was in to, I typed in my first domain name,

Little did I realise then that I had inadvertently chosen a great domain name and also learned the secret of choosing great names and titles for your domains and Blogs!

What I didn't realise at the time was Valley Forge was a great name in American History, well known in the US and close to many American hearts.

How Your Blog Navigation Can Send Your Visitors Away!

If you were visiting a new town center or supermarket without any one to guide you what will you look for? Visitors to your blog are no different, they look for easy Navigation!
If you choose to have an out of the box presentation of your blog, like Lasting Rose, which has been dubbed a  BLOGOID, it is all the more important to provide a good navigation of the site, toengage your visitors and persuade them to stay on and probe your contents.

One of the newer means of navigation in a blog which has been around for sometime, with several scores of postings to its credit, is the Tag Cloud, which you can build from the tags you attach to each of your posts. However, as your posts and tags grow, so does your cloud, which then become difficult to wade through and loose its attention.
However, Tag Cloud can be presented in new stunning eye catching ways by clever scripts from Way2Blogging like what they call a Wordle Type Flash Label Cloud, like the one installed on Lasting Rose. The advantage is the easy and distinctive readability of the cloud which gives a better chance for your topic to be browsed.

As the posts and tags grow, the Navigation becomes less manageable, with long lists of posts no one will wade through. The chances that visitors will attempt to look for older posts can greatly be improved if the lists can be condensed to easy drop down menus, which you can click to choose a particular label you are interested in. The drop Down Labels widget from spiceupyourblog  can be easily installed and will greatly enhance the navigation of your site and give your visitors a good sense of being in control while they are on your site.

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