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The drama of the despots in broad day light a helpless world in the Bitcoin era could all but watch

The lure of reflected attention is too much to resist even for the most lethargic blogger, especially if the source is a historic event which will grow in its impact rather than be forgotten soon. The meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore today is such an event.
The media is brimming with analysis and commentaries about the event but there isn’t much about the drama itself which has lasted several decades since the last world war.
The Summit of President Donald Trump of the USA and Kim Jong Un of North Korea is  the latest scene of an act, starting  a few presidencies back, precisely during the Clinton era.
It is amusing to see that Donald Trump, who has mastered the act of playing out the provocateur hero on the world stage, has played the scene of the bull in the china shop masterfully in the G7 summit , sending out a intimidating message to Kim. He can and will walk out If things don’t go his way!
Even though  his G7 partners appeared to be baffled by the disrupting performance of Trump, his adversary Kim appeared to be nonchalant of Trump’s pre summit antics, under lining his mood by a relaxed nightly outing in Singapore. Kim had good reasons to be relaxed. He has inherited great things from his dad and he has used them wisely!
What he inherited is the Nuclear capability his dad bought from the treacherous Pakis who  had no qualms in back stabbing the Americans by exposing the technology to the North Koreans.
Now he has sufficiently demonstrated it to the world and the US . Contrary to the projection of the threat to the US from his long range missiles, the real threat is to his very neighbours protected by the US. Can the US afford to burn millions of South Koreans and Japanese and even Chinese in Nuclear hell ?
Kim knows the Americans can’t and won’t do it. And the onus is on Donald Trump. Donald Trump knew it  Kim Knew it  and they had no way but act out a scene in front of the world.
For the world and the international community, the Singapore Summit, for all its suspense and drama had been good entertainment. But the real winner is indeed Kim Jong Un who used the time tested ploy of Nuclear empowerment to get his way. China used it. India used it. Pakistan used it, Iran is using it. Why not North Korea?
Only in this case, a country by threatening its own neighbours is extracting a pound of flesh from another far away, simply because of a grudge it holds for a war fought on ideology  half a century ago. The US should have extricated itself out of it decades ago.
Kim must have relished the subtle message Trump was trying to send out to his straw boss Xi Jinping of China. Xi had recently courted Vladimir Putin of Russia with a fake gold necklace and Trump offered him his own seat during the G7 meeting by arguing for Putin’s re entry in to the group, to undercut any tactical support to Kim’s controller from the Russians. After all who won’t be elated at the thought of someone pulling the carpet under your boss’s feet ?
A smarter Donald Trump would have drawn Kim Jong Un to a Detente like bind, with  even a promise of unification with the South and a fast entry in to an affluent society, much like the Germans,  to counter the mighty China in this summit. Donald Trump has lost the opportunity of the century.

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