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King Khan Dances To The Beats Of Akon To Seduce Dubai!

It was an unusually chilly evening in Dubai, yet a crowd of fifty thousand didn’t want to go home without watching Sharukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, dance with the damsels from God’s own country to the music of Akon.

Not only did Khan manage to enthral the huge crowd but also get the shy and untrusting damsel heroines of Kerala to warm up to his steps and gestures and forget themselves in his charming and infectious dance movements. Sharukh Khan proved himself to be a great maestro of inspiration if not the art of dance itself.

Is There An X Factor Investors In Incredible India Should Worry About?

India has ushered in the New Year with a desperate invitation to all foreigners to invest in its stock markets! Is there an X Factor, a real show stopper, for the Incredible India show you need to worry about?

Beset with high fiscal deficit, withdrawal of funds by foreign Institutional Investors who lost confidence in the India story and political opposition to foreign direct investment in the corporate retail sector, the government has opened the Indian stock markets to everyone who would like to invest.

Isn’t It A Real Shame Salman Rushdie Can’t Return Home Even In The 21st Century?

Even Oprah Winfrey could be in India for the much celebrated Jaipur literary festival to see the calm beneath the chaos that is India when Rushdie, a celebrated and invited guest and author was forced to stay away.

There is an auspicious time for almost everything in India. Then there is elections one need to watch out for the rest of the matters!

For Salman Rushdie, the celebrated author of ‘Satanic Verses’, an English novel considered offensive by many Muslims, the invitation and the visit n must have been a routine event.

Is The Vodafone Judgement A Signal India Is Ready To Play Ball?

While India’s underbelly, its cricket pride, is being battered around the world, it looks like its judiciary thinks it is time to play ball. The Supreme Court has ruled that the $2.2 billion claim of the Indian tax department on Vodafone for the purchase of shares from Hutchinson is illegal. It has taken the judges of the Supreme Court to see that India needs to play fair to claim its position among the G20.

No doubt, the remaining ‘five star’ communists of India and its available polit buro in Delhi, will see this as an overture by Indian judiciary, even a gross capitulation, to the American Imperialism. However its cautious secretary, Prakash Karat is likely to stay clear of any comments against the judgement as it can be construed as contempt of court in India for which he can be locked up in the infamous Tihar Jail which already holds a number of Indian politicians.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Posted by Sreedhar Pillai

Can India Really Block Google And Facebook Without Banning Candles?

The simple answer, like in the case of China is “yes”. However if the question is, can India afford to take such extreme measures, the answer is likely to be “not really” because, simply put, India is not same as China when democratic values are concerned.

Concerned with the rising and abusive character assassination of the political leaders through morphed images and the dangers of inflammatory posts in a religiously super sensitive nation, the flash points of which the government has to strive very, very hard to keep from exploding, the Indian government and now the Indian judiciary have warned the Internet giants that they need to act.

The Joy Of Eco Love And Living Your Dream Is More Widespread Than You Think.

The Channe4 show, Grand Designs, in which  TV presenter Kevin McCloud follows some of Britain's most ambitious self-building projects, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams, is exciting as the episodes depict how the almost impossible dreams of people somehow materialise. But one always wondered if the price in terms of the financial, physical and psychological struggle was worth it.

That was why when one of my close friends and colleague told me a few years back that he and his wife too were excited and serious about living their eco friendly dream and were relocating to France, I didn’t realise how serious he was.  I always thought the dare devils who become celebrities on the TV were always a minority who you don’t meet in real life but, Les and Christine Sheldon really proved me wrong.

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Posted by Sreedhar Pillai

What Makes Even The Russians Go On A Pilgrimage To Sabarimala?

Though it is a gross exaggeration to call the recent visit of twelve Russians to Sabarimala the ultimate capitulation of Marxism Leninism to the Indian Mythology, the event has opened a rare and unique travel experience to people from all over the world who seeks exotic adventure of a different kind.

If you are not a woman under menopausal age and if you are willing to do a spiritual penance for 41 days, abstain from eating meat and enjoying sex in your thoughts and life, let your hair and beard grow uncut and lead a Spartan existence, then you can venture in to this life changing trip to Sabarimala which more than 50 million Indians of all religions already make every year!

For the team of Russians from Moscow led by Induchoodan, who has made this trip more than fifteen times and who practices Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, this unique pilgrimage to Sabarimala has probably come to mean what it does for millions of Indians:

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